Digital Album Pro 30×42

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  • Personalized hard cover
  • Personalized Padded Cover
  • Customized LUX Padded Cover
  • Special padded covers


  • Lux Pro paper 255 gr
  • Pages: from 12 to 60


Personalized Hard Cover:
Basic cover, 100% customizable with photos, texts, templates and designs.
Printed on photographic paper and back-glued on 4 mm hard cardboard and protected by a matte finish anti-fingerprint lamination.

Personalized Padded Cover:
With the quilted finish, give a different and more pleasant touch to the cover, 100% customizable with photos, texts, templates and designs.
Printed on photographic paper, it is glued on 6 mm foam cardboard and protected with a matte finish laminate to prevent fingerprints.

LUX Personalized Padded Cover:
The printing is done with the latest digital printing technology and on 3D papers with different textures and effects. The result is a super modern, different and exclusive cover.
In quilted finish. 100% customizable with photos, texts, templates and designs.
With several models and textures to choose from: Metallic Stars, Metallic Zebra, Metallic Points and Metallic Reptile.

Special Padded Cover:
High quality cover, padded and lined by hand, giving it a soft and pleasant feel. Bound in 6mm foamed cardboard.

Lined with different materials:

  • Line Colors Textile Collection: Textile material with a wide assortment of colors in addition you have the Natur Line emulating linen.
  • Textile Line Metallic Collection: Textile material with metallic finish and a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Cork Collection: With a finish similar to natural cork with two shades to choose from.
  • Wood Collection: With a wood-like finish, you have three shades to choose from.
  • Diamont Collection: High quality leather simile, with a modern diamond-shaped engraving, you have three colors to choose from.

Paper for the interior:

  • Lux Pro Paper: Give your album a professional result. Printed on 255 gr. photographic paper.
  • PRO album covers are black.

All Pro papers, once printed, are back-glued on rigid cardboard, obtaining thick pages, completely flat and with 180º opening.
Perfect for double page images.


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