About i-moments

i-moments is the result of the evolution of AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, SL, a company that accumulates more than 30 years of experience in the world of photography. It started manufacturing and distributing products and accessories for traditional or analog photography, until it became one of the benchmarks in the sector. With the arrival of new technologies, AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, SL evolved and incorporated digital technology, practically replacing analog. Since then, it has undergone a profound reconversion that has led it to once again be one of the leaders of this incipient market.

Who we are | i-moments


As a result of this metamorphosis and the vocation of service of AP PHOTO INDUSTRIES, SL towards its clients, i-moments was born. A project conceived to make available to clients a set of tools that would allow them to project their imagination and obtain results worthy of the best professionals or artists.

i-moments wants to be an accomplice of its clients and of those moments so much theirs that they will keep forever. For this reason, the brand uses the i ...