Sustainable customization for a better future

Discover how to express your creativity in an eco-friendly way with high quality personalized products.

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Innovation and quality in harmony with the planet

Join our sustainable revolution and create customized products with environmental responsibility. At i-moments we work every day to improve ourselves. We are distinguished by our commitment to environmental stewardship in all aspects of our business. We know you have to be the change you want to see in the world, so we start with ourselves. 


Unique projects

Always seeking sustainable production

At i-moments we use paper that can contain from 40% to 100% recycled material from post-consumer waste. Our goal is to maintain as much as possible the aesthetic characteristics of our products without compromising the environment. 

Always at the forefront

Every action counts

We work with inks designed to have a reduced environmental impact. Thanks to HP, we have replaced plastic ink cartridges with HP3 Eco Cartridges, which reduce plastic use by 80% and CO2 emissions by 66%.

We have moved 70% of our document management from print to digital, saving more than 500,000 A4 copies. We have also upgraded our document printing equipment to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment. 

A 40% reduction in the volume of large-format product packaging has been achieved

We eliminate plastic bags

We use 100% recycled cardboard in all packaging.

We have eliminated the use of EPS plastic in large-format packaging.

Looking to the future

Research for more sustainable alternatives

We have adopted alternative fibers such as cotton, hemp, flax and recycled fibers and have carefully incorporated them into our production process. We strive to combine pulp with these alternative fibers to achieve greater sustainability.

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Together we are more

Building sustainable relationships

With HP Indigo ElectroInks, we offer a wide range of options for dark, transparent, recycled and other environmentally certified substrates, synthetics and paperboard.

As you can see, at i-moments, we not only care about our own actions, but also those of our partners. That is why, in addition to HP, we also work with Fedrigoni and many other companies highly committed to the climate crisis and the environment.

In addition, we work with approved suppliers who are committed to the environment and the planet:

Small gestures that make a difference

In addition to meticulously monitoring all aspects of our production process and the resources used, we also pay attention to other aspects. A year ago, a restructuring took place in our company, whereby all our employees adapted to the same working hours. This has been very favorable not only for the good working environment and the synergies between the different teams, but has also resulted in a significant reduction in the energy consumption of our facilities, thus favoring energy savings and our commitment to a more sustainable future.

By unifying working hours to a single shift, we avoid extra travel and also reduce electricity consumption by more than 2,676 hours/year.

For a Better Future

At i-moments, we are passionate about creating high quality customized products and we also take pride in doing so in a way that is environmentally friendly. We strive to improve every day and become the eco-friendly company we have always dreamed of being and work towards a better future for all.

Join us at i-moments and discover how you can express your creativity in a personalized and sustainable way.