Frequently Asked Questions:

If you need more information, you can call us at   937 293 326 or  if you prefer, send us an email to  [email protected]

Are you in a hurry?
With the EXPRESS SERVICE, you can bring forward the delivery time of your order. Your order becomes a priority, being the first in the production orders of the day. In key seasons with a lot of orders such as the Christmas campaign, you can gain one or two days in your delivery time, for this you have to keep in mind that your order has to enter before 5 PM so that the next business day, it will go into production. To find out the usual delivery times, click on the Delivery Times button on this page. 
This service has an extra cost of 5€.

At i-moments we know that delivery time is very important. Therefore, we have optimized our production process to be able to offer you the following lead times:


4/5 working days: All products of the Photo-Gift and Photo-Decoration families.
5/6 working days: All products of the Revela, Digital Printing, Calendars families.
6/7 working days: All products of the Photo-Album, Photo Books and magazines families.
8/9 working days: All products in the Photo-Album Pro and Photo-Strip families.
9/10 working days: All products of the Photo-Ceramic families.

Canary Islands:

In order to offer a better service in the Islands, we have a production center in Tenerife, but we cannot manufacture the full range of i-moments products there. Therefore, products manufactured on the islands have the same delivery time as on the mainland:

Products manufactured in the islands:

4/5 working days: All products of the Photo-Gift families
4/5 working days: Photo-Panel up to 40×60 size
4/5 working days: Photo-Canvas All sizes
4/5 working days: Light-Panel all sizes
4/5 working days: Photo-Clock All sizes
4/5 working days: Aluminum Photo-frame All sizes

The rest of the products are manufactured from the peninsula.

13/15 business days: Rest of Revela families products
13/15 working days: All products in the families Print
13/15 working days: Rest of the products of the Decora families
13/15 working days: Rest of the products in the Regala families

Ceuta and Melilla:

Service interrupted.

Attention! These delivery times may be brought forward or delayed depending on workloads and always refer to deliveries to distributors’ stores. Deliveries to private addresses may be increased by one additional day.
During campaigns such as: Father’s or Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Communions and Weddings, Christmas and Special Dates, these delivery times may be increased.
Delivery times may also be altered due to breakdowns of our machinery.

Guaranteed delivery times are very important to us. For this reason, we recommend that you choose to pick up your products at i-moments stores.


  • You will be able to review the product.
  • You will be able to receive help and advice for future orders.
  • We will be able to guarantee the delivery time.
  • You will save 3,50€ for home delivery surcharge.

However, we can also deliver the product to the address of your choice. Please note that carriers always deliver the product during business hours. Therefore, you must clearly indicate if you will not be at the address indicated in the business time slot.

Deliveries with a delivery address other than an i-moments store are subject to a surcharge of 3,50 €.

New DHL Shipping Service
Now you also have the DHL Services Point service, with which you can pick up your order at any of the DHL collection points on the peninsula (Service only valid on the peninsula).

All i-moments products are guaranteed against any production defects.
Therefore, if you detect any anomaly when you receive your product from the carrier, please note it on the delivery note.

In this tutorial, Eli explains how to register with i-moments.

In this tutorial, Eli explains how to change or modify all your registration data in i-moments.

Eli explains where things are in the i-moments software.

In this video tutorial, Eli explains how to reorder an old i-moments order.

In this mini-tutorial, Eli explains how to validate and redeem your i-moments discount vouchers.

In this tutorial, Eli explains how to export and import an i-moments project.

In this mini-tutorial, we explain how to recover a project made with the old i-moments software.

Software for Mac / Apple / Osx.,iPhone/iPad, Windows and Android is now available.

Our website includes shipping costs for the following products: albums, books, magazines, bookmarks, cards, photo albums, photo gifts, calendars, invitations and reminders. For the rest of the products the shipping costs can be consulted in the shopping cart.

The following are the shipping costs according to the weight of the product:

As we know, these have been a difficult few weeks for everyone and we are aware that you may have some doubts or concerns. We would therefore like to explain how we are handling this situation and what we are doing to ensure that your orders are processed normally. 
We will keep you informed at all times, in case the situation changes.  

First and foremost, safety comes first
At i-moments we take safety very seriously and we always take care of our staff and our environment (customers, suppliers, etc.) . For this reason, we have taken a number of hygienic and sanitary measures to ensure that everyone is in the best possible situation during these difficult days. 
This situation requires new measures and actions, which is why we have improved the hygiene and safety standards of our plants at . We are performing additional cleaning work, in all areas, to ensure that i-moments products are completely safe.
Scientific studies indicate that the coronavirus does not survive more than  24 hours on cardboard surfaces, and no more than 72 hours on hard surfaces, such as plastic or stainless steel. Thus, the risk of accidental contamination by one of our products is practically nil.